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Month: April 2012

What's Holding Us Back, As a Species? (Part I – Fight for the Future)

People of planet Earth, unite.

Since the advent of the nation state in the 19th century, human beings have been collectively obsessed with comparing the relative merits of our sovereign entities. Who has the biggest navy and the fastest planes? Who has the most territory and natural resources? Who has the most modern, efficient infrastructure, the fastest broadband, and the best recycling program? Whose educational system produces the smartest workers? Who is the most free, the most happy, and the most innovative? And so on …

But what if we zoom out a few hundred miles and look at the big blue marble. How are we doing collectively, as an intelligent species/civilization?

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Asthma Protocol

Omega-3 fatty acids in the wild.

Many people find this site with search terms like “asthma cure,” but to date I’ve only written one post about asthma. About two years ago I wrote about my personal experience with asthma, my multiple attempts to relieve my symptoms (most of them unsuccessful), and my eventual success at curing my own asthma (or at least resolving 99% of my symptoms) with a mostly paleolithic diet.

Recently I’ve been thinking about what I wish one of the doctors I consulted about my breathing problems had told me. In hindsight, what’s an ideal set of recommendations for somebody suffering from asthma symptoms?

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A Personal Request

I’d like to briefly interrupt the “systems for living well” theme of this blog with a personal request.

Today Loöq Records (the music label I run with DJ Spesh) has released an ambient/downtempo compilation entitled “From There To Here.”

I think it’s one of the strongest collections of music we’ve ever assembled. It also includes a few compositions I helped write — it’s work I’m proud of.

Not everyone loves electronic music, but this release is deep, beautiful, ethereal, emotional stuff. I’m hoping it will appeal to many of you.

Here’s my request — can you please click on the image above and give some of the tracks a listen on iTunes? If you like the release, buy it.

Just as helpful would be letting some friends know, clicking the “Like” button, clicking on the stars to rate the release, or giving the release a quick review.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy “From There To Here.”

Sci-Fi Level Medical Advances, Part I

Thin, tan, and horny.

Ten years ago, in 2002, I read an article in WIRED magazine about an experimental drug called Melanotan. Early test results indicated that the drug could make a pale person tan, without sun exposure. Side effects included reduce appetite and weight loss, and a high frequency of spontaneous erections.

Thin, tan, and horny … WIRED dubbed Melanotan “the Barbie drug.”

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