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A Personal Request

I’d like to briefly interrupt the “systems for living well” theme of this blog with a personal request.

Today Loöq Records (the music label I run with DJ Spesh) has released an ambient/downtempo compilation entitled “From There To Here.”

I think it’s one of the strongest collections of music we’ve ever assembled. It also includes a few compositions I helped write — it’s work I’m proud of.

Not everyone loves electronic music, but this release is deep, beautiful, ethereal, emotional stuff. I’m hoping it will appeal to many of you.

Here’s my request — can you please click on the image above and give some of the tracks a listen on iTunes? If you like the release, buy it.

Just as helpful would be letting some friends know, clicking the “Like” button, clicking on the stars to rate the release, or giving the release a quick review.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy “From There To Here.”


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  1. Downloading from iTunes straight to my iPhone now.

  2. richayotte

    Too bad it’s in iTunes. I run Linux on all my computers and Apple hasn’t released a Linux version yet.

  3. richayotte

    Great, thanks. I’m checking it out now.

  4. mbeanforiocom

    Thanks for the non-iTunes options. Bought and downloading now.

  5. Thanks for the listens and purchases! Feel free to share your thoughts on the music here as well.

  6. Alyson Foster

    Loved and purchased.

  7. itooning it now! looking forward to enjoying, will be sure to share about it!

  8. t’will be the soundtrack to coachella in t-minus 10 hours. 😉 cheers jondi!

  9. Bought it and listened to it while working out. Didn’t help much with the tempo at the beginning (I do HIIT) but it turned out really well after 4 or 5 songs. This is my super quick review after a very superficial listening. Will post my thoughts after a few weeks of listening. I love electronic music however my favorite band is Marillion (NeoProg) so I’m used to allow weeks, sometimes months for the music to settle down and have a real appreciation. It would also help some enlightening from you, I mean, knowing more about the music to have a better understanding of it… kind of when you see “2001 a Space Odissey” a second time having someone guiding you on what all that really means, huge difference, right?

  10. Thanks everyone! – both from myself and on behalf of the Loöq Records artists on the release. To discover more check out http://www.looq.com/music/

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