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Momu VHP (Very Helpful People) List

Surprisingly, the new Momu album “Rising” has already hit #20 in the Beatport Chill-Out charts, and is featured on Beatport’s Chill-Out home page.

If you purchase (or have already purchased) the new Momu album from Beatport, send me an email (jd[at]thisismomu.com) with a proof of purchase (Beatport order receipt), and I’ll add you to my MOMU VHP (Very Helpful People) List. I’ll keep this offer open for the entire month of August.

You can buy the new album on Beatport here.

For the rest of this year and all of next year, you’ll receive an email with me with a download link to every Momu release, high quality 320 mp3 or better, at least four weeks prior to the release date.

This isn’t a contest — everyone who does it gets on the list.

Thanks for listening!


Quality of Consciousness


Porter Robinson


  1. I will definitely buy it but I’m gonna wait for the iTunes release. It’s just more practical for me to do it so.

  2. We are up to #3 on the Beatport Chill-Out releases list — thanks for the support! I will be just as thankful for any iTunes purchases. We have a music video for the title track (Momu – Rising) which we will release August 15 (iTunes release date).

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