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New Music Videos from Momu, Grimes

A couple more music videos to share today. One of our own (Momu – Rising), directed by Kia Simon. We got up at 3am to make that first sunrise shot. There was a French guy sleeping in the bushes when we got there (Muir Beach). He had a really nice bicycle and full camping gear … some kind of “explore America on a budget” trip I guess. You can buy the album over there on the right (cover art by LEBO).

The second video is by Canadian artist Grimes (Claire Boucher). I like it — mostly because it has lots of medieval weapons in it. Musically, there are incredibly interesting production elements. Stylistically there is a visual melange of Burning Man, hipster-homeless, Britney Spears, Ren Faire, and general LA trashiness. But Grimes is for real. She sailed down the Mississippi on a houseboat, with chickens and a typewriter, reading Mark Twain. Eating only potatoes. Cheers to Grimes.


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  1. Linda Lancione

    Great to see the video with Ally–she has a lovely screen presence. Nice work you two!

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