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Dan's Plan Total Health Infographic

As regular readers of this blog already know, I often recommend Dan’s Plan as a system for weight loss, fitness, and all-around health. If you’re in the process of creating your own health system, the infographic below is a great resource. It’s complete, clear, and well-balanced.

The philosophy behind the Dan’s Plan health system is the same as my own — in general try to be more paleolithic, while also embracing the benefits of modern civilization and information technology.

The original post is here.

Good health to you!


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  1. Hey Jondi,

    I really appreciate the repost / support! Likewise, your blog is amongst a select few where I make sure never to miss a post. Cheers

  2. RZ

    Hi Dan,
    I read your post on curing asthma. After that I started reading a lot about Paleo and other diets.
    Can you post or email a summery of your paleo variation?

  3. Salt

    “Paleolithic” is eating “raw foods,” isn’t it? Hmm, I prefer eating fresh veggies but I don’t think I can eat raw meat. Then I just add daily intake of supplements like vitamin C, D, B12 and K2. 🙂

  4. What a great infographic! Really good info 🙂

  5. MrsOConnor

    Hi JD,

    Your post on how you “cured” your asthma seemed very promising and I’d like to give it a try. I’ve been having the worst allergies and asthma attacks for 3 years now and it’s really giving me a hard time.

    Can you tell me what’s your comment on the Blood Type Diet?


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