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Jondi & Spesh "Church"


After a somewhat quiet period in terms of new releases, Spesh and I are getting our groove on. This release, Church, is part two of a triptych. Part one was Cycle Three, and Part three (My Kicks) will come out later this summer.

I would say the sound is closer to progressive house than tech house (we released it under the latter), but “progressive” these days means giant builds, 128bpm, bees in a jar sounds (in other words close to what used to be trance, but is now the sound of EMD appreciated by 14-20 year olds). That’s cool, I’m not fighting it, I’m flowing with it!

This one is deep and modern, on the minimalist side. If you like it, please buy it — remember its okay to spend a little money on music even though you can get it for free. 😉

The excellent remixes come courtesy of Bristol’s own Mariana, and Castletown’s Steve McGrath.


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Preview of "Hydras At The Helm"

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