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Preview of "Hydras At The Helm"

Kleidosty has a new album coming up, and … it’s f*cking fantastic. In addition to the influences Kleidosty lists in his bio (Boards of Canada, Stars of the Lid, Lone, Oval, Freescha, Bibio, Brian Eno, Nobukazu Takemura) the sound also reminds me of some of Holden and Nathan Fake’s material on Border Community, especially Drowning In A Sea of Love.

I love this album!

Worldwide, all-outlet release date is July 3rd on Loöq.

Kleidosty’s first album, Edifice of Artifice, is a purely ambient project, and also extremely well done.


Jondi & Spesh "Church"


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  1. New Boards of Canada video …

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