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Metablog: New Menus

New menus -- but this blog does not yet offer salami.

New menus — but this blog does not yet offer salami.

For a while I’ve been thinking about ways to make this blog more readable and searchable. With that in mind I’ve added a new menu “Sci-Fi Scenarios” which contains a few broad index pages which in turn link to lists of posts. I’ll eventually add another menu “The Systems” which will catalog and organize some of the health/lifestyle/advice-related material (the blog title is “Systems for Living Well” — but so far there are no actual systems to be found).

What’s the purpose of this blog? Partially about self-expression and even self-promotion, but more importantly to explore how to live well, both individually and as a collectively evolving species. I’ll continue to add both structure and content in pursuit of that goal.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope you always find something useful and/or interesting here.


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  1. Leta Rogers

    If you add a photo or other relevant image to your pages and then add a link to this image in a description tag, your (excellent!) blog would look more visually interesting in feed consolidators. For instance, here are the publisher instructions for Pulse, which is what I use to read my favorite feeds on my iPad: http://blog.pulse.me/pubfaq

    You can test out the browser version of pulse.me to see what your blog looks like in a graphic feed consolidator.

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