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Hydras at the Helm

Kleidosty's new album "Hydras at the Helm"

Kleidosty’s new album “Hydras at the Helm”

Oakland recording artist Kleidosty has a new electronica/ambient album out on my label Loöq Records. Like all the music we put out on Loöq, not only do we like it (myself and A&R director Spesh), but we feel it contributes to the cultural dialectic, taking sounds forward.

“Hydras” flirts with dissonance in places, but overall is melodic and pleasing. The compositions strike a perfect balance between novelty and familiarity; while listening it’s hard to predict what note will come next, but the patterns make sense, the big picture fits together, the music delivers what it promises.

Some of the compositions are similar to the new Boards of Canada album “Tomorrow’s Harvest.” Others are reminiscent of Nathan Fake’s “Drowning in a Sea of Love.” Kleidosty also lists Stars of the Lid, Lone, Oval,  Freescha, Bibio, Brian Eno, and Nobukazu Takemura among his influences.

Have a listen! Among other places, the album is available on:

If you have some thoughts about the album please leave comments on iTunes or amazon — the album comes out today and is brand new to the world.


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