Yellowcake and Kevin Knapp - Waterfall

Yellowcake and Kevin Knapp – Waterfall

My buddy Kevin Knapp just moved to Berlin to pursue his music career. We have a new release out today on Beatport that we put together a few months back. Give it a listen (and purchase) here.

I have some longer posts planned that I’m eager to write (one on gut bacteria, and also a follow-up to picking and pursuing a single life goal). I’ve also been under a large amount of family and work stress lately, so I have some insights to share in relation to stress management and anxiety reduction (and in particular to how that relates to genotypes the control the degradation rates of various neurotransmitters — 23andMe users will love this one). The work stuff is mostly resolved (after a two-hour call with Microsoft support yesterday re: SSL certificates) and the extended family stuff is ongoing (nothing to do with Kia or my daughter — they’re both doing well).

So stay with me if you’ve been enjoying this blog — there is much more to come. I’ll hopefully finish the first draft of a major writing project I’ve been working on within a couple weeks, and that will free up some time for blogging.

If you’ve been reading, commenting, following, buying my music, supporting in any way — thank you! I appreciate it. I’ve had less time to respond to comments lately, but I do read all of them.