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Album Giveaway – From There To Here Volume 1

Free album download on looq.com

Free album download on looq.com

We’re giving away a free ambient/downtempo compilation on looq.com. The only catch is that we’re asking for your email address, but if you want to download the music and then immediately unsubscribe, no hard feelings. If you stay on the Loöq Records mailing list, you’ll receive a short email about once a month linking to our newest release (mostly progressive house, deep house, breakbeat, downtempo, and ambient), and links to free music downloads several times a year.

From There To Here Volume 1 (initially released in 2011) was our first attempt at an ambient/downtempo compilation. We’re following up with Volume 2 in about a month. Volume 1 features music from Methodrone, Kleidosty, Reef Project, Jondi & Spesh, and Momu.

Feel free to comment on what you think about the music, or about other groups/projects in similar genres.


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  1. Veiler

    each photon consists of three dimentional components:

    a. direction y 1 for forward motion towards the target
    0 for reverse motion backwards the target
    cartesian degrees for intermediate directional values
    b. defined component x or z with absolute values – or cartesian degrees if the reader has a tilt from the original

    c.looping component z or x (the opposite of the defined one)
    0,1 here repeats one after the other all the time – of course with all the intermediate degrees

    all a,b,c do not take only 100% or 0% values of 0, 1.
    We can express the values of a, b, c particle components with cartesian degrees.

    The looping component c (of a photon for example) CAN BE DETECTED and it takes the value
    of the moment we stopped that loop – that rotation among 1 and 0.

    If we did measure the same c component in a different distance, then the value of it depends on the distance and it will be different,
    exept if the distance has the same period with the photon!

    If we could know all a, b, c components at the generation of the photon,
    also the distance that the photon has to travel to reach the wall to decompose,
    and if we knew all degrees, then we could predict the final stage of each component of our particle [final stage=decomposition].
    This of course can not happen because of the uncertainty principle.

    On the other hand, in cryptography, at the beginning, EVE the code-breaker, has at first only the task
    to read the encrypted data.

    Eve, the code breaker, if she enters each photon into a double slit interferometer (she can use Υoungs version or other)
    then, each photon lands in a particular point on the wall. This particular point reveals all the information of the photon,
    all the axises values at the moment of it’s decay.

    Eve must NOT move the wall during the experiment, because that affects the looping component (different distance-different value).

    Now Eve reads the data, but for the looping component, you have a different phase shift than the one used from Alice and Bob
    that encripted the message, exept only if Eve is intelligent enough to use a two slit length that has a harmonic – multiple
    value of the photon-length, so that causes NOT any additional phase shift from the original encoding.
    (Eve now read ALL COMPONENTS but she didn’t decode the message yet)

    Eve is supposed to “play” and learl the distance of her two slit interferometer, so that for a specific photon-length
    causes no additional phase shifting!

    One the other hand if Eve is silly or uses an old two slit interferometer that cannot move the wall,
    she just have to phase shift ALL data with a constant value.

    Some times Alice and Bob add a general phase shift. So Eve then has to phase shift all data, with a constant value,
    and after that each individual number of each photonal package (depending on the numbering system)
    untill the message makes sence and is finally unlocked.

    This phase shifting can happen in a normal computer, or a quantum computer made of NON small particles.
    Each cpu must have a signal generator and a phase shifter.

    Eve now needs one phase shifter (=cartesian degree detector – unlocker) for the hole package if Alice and Bob add
    a general phase shifting, and after that as many extra detectors, as the digits of each photonal complete package contains
    (8bit package = 8 shifting degree unlockers, 16 bit package = 16 shifting degree unlockers)

    from Veiler Sword

    this is called Veiler’s forensic detection

    you detect all axons – axises data and phase after the death of a particle

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