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Riders on the Storm

Singer/spoken-word artist Angela Angel's.

Singer/spoken-word artist Angela Angel’s.

A quick post today to let you know that Momu has a new release out today, a cover of The Doors – Riders on the Storm. The vocals are performed by Seattle-based singer/spoken-word artist Angela Angel’s. Ben Mautner, also known as Royal Sapien, turned in a remix that I love (I don’t know how he managed to turn a chill-out interpretation into a full-on banging spine-tingler, but he did), and the Den Jones remix which reaches for the lasers (trance-style) is also excellent.

The release is available on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, and many other outlets.

I remember sitting on the living room floor, as a kid, listening to The Doors (wearing bulky 70’s-style headphones, carefully handling my parents’ vinyl records by the edges so I wouldn’t get the grooves dirty). Today it’s fun to put our own interpretations out there (something that I never imagined would be possible as a kid) — and it makes me appreciate the wild, woolly free-for-all that the music industry has become. Want to produce a cover of one of your favorite childhood tracks? Who’s going to stop you?



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  1. Boo

    “Who’s going to stop you?”
    The RIAA?

    • Hi Boo. It’s a legit cover — no samples. We pay The Doors publishing company about 9 cents for each copy sold. Nothing shady or illegal.

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