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Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday to you! Yes there is a reason for using a picture of a polar bear with a milk crate.

Happy Wednesday to you! Yes there is a reason for the polar bear with milk crate.

For me, Wednesday is a happy day. For many years DJ Spesh and I hosted a weekly party at 111 Minna in San Francisco every Wednesday (Qoöl) and these days Wednesday is my bi-weekly D&D game (check out the new Wizards of the Coast site that went up today). And even if it’s a just a “regular” workday, I enjoy most of my work. So I don’t mind being in the middle of the work week.

In that spirit I’d like to share a secret with you. Recently, my label Loöq Records has been giving away free tracks every Wednesday. Yes, you have to join our mailing list, but we’re too lazy to send out more than one email every couple weeks (and it’s usually only one sentence long). Entering your email multiple times in the widget won’t result in duplicate emails — you can download as many of the tracks as you want.

So why the polar bear with the milk crate? Back in the day being a DJ meant stealing milk crates for vinyl storage and transport. Don’t judge — everybody did it! (My belated apologies to the grocery industry.) These days getting great music is much easier. Just some clicking. Or if you’d like to support hardworking artists, pay a couple bucks and then click. No milk crates required.

Happy Wednesday to you!


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  1. While in college my apartment had these containers as book shelves.

  2. Esther Witte

    Yes, very expensive to make but its the dairies not the grocery industry taking a huge financial hit when its milk cartons in the crate goes to market. It still goes on, unfortunately. I found its the grocer where you buy the milk who just gives them away upon request sometimes. After all its not theirs so they don’t care. When I went to return the ones I found recently, the grocery store worker said, “Do you want any?” I said, “Thanks, but no. I am just returning some”. There must be billions stolen. In most cases the vender does not protect them. Sad for the dairies whose property it is. Ditto for shopping carts and pallets, most with property stickers embossed too. I see the bear made sure the property sticker was not showing for the photo.
    Estee (grew up on a dairy)

  3. Quite a few new additions to the Loöq Records mailing list in the past couple of days … glad to see people are taking advantage of this!

  4. Jonathan Pumphandle

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