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Happy 4th of July! For you international readers, here’s a handy guide to the holiday and other Americanisms. I will be celebrating the holiday by participating in a secret tournament, the results of which I shall report upon later.

I have exactly ten minutes to write this post, so I’m going with bullet points:

  • Momu is rereleasing a bootleg we did a few years back. Click on the picture above to direct link to the mp3, or go to the Momu Download page. Momu’s new album The Mission is available on iTunes (and everywhere else), with our track “Google Bus” being the clear favorite. The “Dub Pack” remixes of “Sixth & Mission” can be previewed here. Please take a second to Like us if you want to keep up with Momu releases.
  • June was “Only New Music Month” — an experiment I did with Never Knows aka Marc Kate of the Why We Listen podcast. I’ll write a post about the experiment soon — in short it was not that difficult and fantastically rewarding. I would recommend it for everyone, especially if you feel in a musical rut.
  • Some progress in fiction writing. Finished 4th draft of my science fiction novel The Sky Woman and 2nd draft of its sequel The Guardian. I’ll be writing and submitting short fiction for the remainder of the year. If you know (or are personally) an agent or publisher who appreciates science fiction, I would love to send you my work.
  • Future posts will include a hair regrowth update, how to invest a lump sum (following up on this post), and more about refining systems for creative work.

Stay hydrated, unburnt, and very much alive this weekend, my friends and readers!


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  1. Markus

    Hey JD,
    some great points and ‘am looking forward for that posts 🙂
    Specially the hair massage thing – because I god damn have lil’ new hair on my temples… could not belive it!
    Happy Independence Day to USA and rest of the world!

  2. mbeanforiocom

    Hi JD,

    Impressive that you wrote all that in ten minutes. Looking forward to your hair regrowth update. I have been experimenting with the massage thanks to your post a few weeks ago.

    Looking forward to your lump sum investment post too. You might be interested in this short article from Sam Savage. Sam is a professor at Stanford and wrote an excellent book titled The Flaw of Averages. http://web.stanford.edu/~savage/flaw/Article.htm

    I love Sam’s article. I thought this article was insightful enough to build a simple simulation about it : https://forio.com/app/showcase/investment-portfolio-stock-market-simulation/

    Enjoying my boys first exposure to fireworks here in Santa Cruz this weekend. Lots of fun.

    • Great article, with a big plug for simulations. Love the sim you did, partly because I’m currently #1 in your leaderboard. 😉 I modeled my virtual portfolio on Ray Dalio’s recommendations in Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins. Thanks for sharing!

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