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2016 Blog Preview

On track for 2016.

On track for 2016.

About once a year I blog about this blog. It’s an opportunity for me to reevaluate why I blog, and an opportunity for you to evaluate why you read it, and what you might expect in the coming year.

Currently, the main reason I blog is to better understand the topics that interest me. Writing about these topics publicly forces me to think more clearly, do the research (even if my findings disrupt my preconceptions), and ultimately commit to a course of action or lifestyle change based on how the writing process changes my beliefs.

What I’m personally interested in doesn’t always correspond with what you, the readers, are most interested in. A disproportionate amount of interest in this blog is dedicated to the health and nutrition posts. That’s fine with me, but I’m not writing as many in-depth posts on these topics as I have in years past. That said, I do plan to write a detailed post on lifestyle and diet changes that may help prevent cancer, and the research behind such recommendations. I’ll look at fasting, ketosis, exercise, and various culinary seasonings (like turmeric and garlic).

There has also been a bit of interest in my scalp massage hair regrowth experiment. I’m still doing the head massage technique, but only for about 5-10 minutes a day. I’m not sure if my hair regrowth has plateaued or if my hairline is continuing to advance. Remember this is a slow technique — I didn’t see any regrowth at all for the first four months. I will do an update post, probably this summer, even if my hairline hasn’t changed much.

So what about this coming year? I plan to keep writing about work habits for creative types, making and reaching goals, sector investing, lifestyle experiments, family life, and the like. I’ll probably weigh in on a few political and environmental topics as well. In terms of post frequency, I’m shooting for once a week, slightly more than my historical average. Currently I have no shortage of ideas. Here’s a short selection of possible posts I’m taking notes on or have drafted to some extent:

  • Calling Your Shots (Why We Like Conor McGregor)
  • How To Invest a Lump Sum
  • The Effectuation Method
  • Quantity = Quality (More On Creative Work Quotas)
  • Visualizing Your Ideal Life While Feeling Gratitude for What You Have
  • Stresstitlement
  • One Month No Car Experiment

I hope that gives you some idea of what to expect from this blog in 2016. Feel free to holler back!


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  1. Roland

    just wanted to let you know, I enjoy reading your post!!!   Look forward to a great 2016   Best regards, Roland

  2. Michelle

    I really enjoy your blog too, JD. Thanks for investigating what you like and sharing your insights with us. I’m interested in many of the same things you are. And appreciate your blend of comprehensive research and concise, down to earth descriptions of your discoveries. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in 2016.

  3. Ernest

    Hello JD,
    I’m a new follower to your blog. I found your posts while researching all natural hair loss reversal remedies. Needless to say, I’m very interested to read future posts on this subject and your progress with your experiment. In addition, I’m beginning to dig into some of your other categories that are of a common interest to me (mental health, life purpose & goals…). Your blogs are great! Thanks for your postings!

  4. B Peters

    How about a post on where people are the happiest living, ie which states in the US and why. Also, where people are happiest in the world.

    • I think measuring happiness is a little tricky. If people report high happiness or satisfaction, might that just mean that they are stoic or have a cultural tradition of accepting one’s lot in life or not complaining no matter how bad things are? There’s some indication that this may be a factor in the high “happiness” of nordic countries.

      Also, should we be looking at happiness, or some other metric like meaning or life purpose? And how do we distinguish pleasure-chasing hedonists from satisfied people when we look at happiness?

      So yes … plenty to consider there. Maybe worth a post. 😉

  5. Lia Banda

    Hi Mr J.D. Moyer. I have ready  your  2016 up coming programmes.However I was very pleased with the article You wrote some time back on asthma and how  You  managed it.What You had written the same thing that is happening to  me starting from July  2015 up to date my asthma has become so  consistent. After a trip from  south Africa. Some  time  back my asthma used to  attack me once in a year or none some times.your  recovery really  inspired me because I don’t want to be miserable anymore. Kindly help me with the recipes to manage mine.Regards banda. L

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  6. Sean Wallace

    Please note me down as a fairly-long-time reader who is relatively equally interested in health vs non-health related topics. Probably slightly weighted towards non-health (and interested in your book whenever it emerges!)

  7. As a new freelance I never thought about doing a year-end review, but on the same day my best friend and you gave me this nice idea.
    One question, do you put “metrics” in your review ?
    Thanks ! (from France)

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