I have a new tech house release out this week with Spesh: Love Over Laps EP. Four tracks, all 115bpm, with many parts and beats shared amongst them (could play quite nicely with each other in the context of a longer mix).

Just found out today the release is a Beatport Staff Pick in the Tech House genre, which is nice. Thanks Beatport, we like you too!

Only available on Beatport for now — will go into general release (iTunes, amazon.com, Spotify, etc.) in a couple weeks.

It was great to get back in the studio with Spesh. We had a good time, and took our time with it. A few of the tracks had over a dozen iterations. Quite a few parts cut, but many ended up recycled in one of the other tracks on the EP. Very organic, very groove-centric. We used the 303 for round, warm bass tones (acid house not so much, though we couldn’t resist a little knob-tweaking in Bare Knuckle Champ).

For those interested, the gear involved was:

  • Arturia Minibrute (analog synth)
  • Roland TB-303 (analog synth, MIDI-adapted)
  • Battery 4 (virtual drum machine from Native Instruments)
  • Massive (virtual synth from Native Instruments)
  • Kontakt 5 (virtual synth from Native Instruments)
  • Oddity 2 (virtual synth from GeForce)
  • Halion 4 (virtual sampler)
  • Cubase 8 (sequencer/DAW from Steinberg)

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