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Month: July 2016

Why Basic Income Makes Sense in the United States

Basic income, or a citizen stipend, or a technology dividend, or whatever you want to call it, makes sense. Here’s why:

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Why UFC Fans Should Reject Donald Trump (Dana White for Prez)

UFC (and future USA?) President Dana White

UFC (and future USA?) President Dana White

As a left-leaning UFC fan I was disappointed to learn that Dana White would be speaking at the Republican National Convention. Dana White is a likable guy and I appreciate how hard he works to promote the UFC and make great fights happen. Too bad he’s supporting Douchebag #1. But it’s a free country and we’re each entitled to our own opinion.

So here’s my listicle of why UFC fans should reject the Trumpster.

When I say “we” I mean UFC fighters, organizers, and fans.

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Why I Support Campaign Zero and #BlackLivesMatter


In the wake of the recent killings of black U.S. citizens Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by their own police (and the dozens of other similar cases we’ve seen in recent years), I’ve been struggling with what to say in this space. Saying nothing isn’t an option — the injustice is too great.

I’m going to keep it simple and endorse Campaign Zero, a systematic approach to improving policing. The platform doesn’t make villains out of the men and women who risk their lives to protect us (most of them good people, with the public interest at heart), but it does make concrete recommendations that can save lives (of all races, both civilians and public servants), reduce strife, and reduce civil injustice.

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Sunburned in Iceland, Brits in France, Driving in Rome


A minor thunderstorm in Rome to break the heat.

I recently returned from a European jaunt with my family. It was an exciting time to be in Europe with both the Brexit vote and the Euro Cup. The football tournament took center stage — we happened to be in downtown Reykjavik for Iceland’s first goal (the loudest cheer I’d ever heard), and endured a cancelled train due to hooliganism in Marseille. A few stories from our trip …

Let’s Go Swimming!

Good times at Laugardalslaug.

Good times at Laugardalslaug.

We flew in and out of Reykjavik primarily because we were seduced by the ultra-low fares of WOW Airlines. By the time you pay for your hotel in Iceland, you don’t actually save any money, but we enjoyed our short stay. There was a Viking longhouse museum directly underneath our hotel, an early settlement discovered during construction. Among the many fascinating things I learned at the museum is the fact that about 80% of Icelandic men have Nordic paternal ancestry, while about 60% of Icelandic women have Celtic maternal ancestry (Norse Vikings taking wives from the British Isles and settling on the western isle, apparently). The early Icelanders didn’t stop their western explorations there; Greenlandic Icelanders briefly settled in Newfoundland around 1000AD.

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