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Why UFC Fans Should Reject Donald Trump (Dana White for Prez)

UFC (and future USA?) President Dana White

UFC (and future USA?) President Dana White

As a left-leaning UFC fan I was disappointed to learn that Dana White would be speaking at the Republican National Convention. Dana White is a likable guy and I appreciate how hard he works to promote the UFC and make great fights happen. Too bad he’s supporting Douchebag #1. But it’s a free country and we’re each entitled to our own opinion.

So here’s my listicle of why UFC fans should reject the Trumpster.

When I say “we” I mean UFC fighters, organizers, and fans.

Reason #1 — We’re Black, White, and Brown

If you want diversity, there’s no better sport than MMA, with UFC as the flagship organization. Every ethnicity and dozens of countries are represented among both fighters and fans. While there are plenty of opinionated asshole potty-mouth commenters in the UFC forums, race is rarely mentioned. We’re a pluralistic group who wants to see the best fighter win.

Trump, on the other hand, throws around racist stereotypes, and loves to retweet white supremacists.

Reason #2 — We Don’t Like Bullies

I feel bad for the little boy who punches the girl in the back when she’s trying to get away. But it’s a bully move, and UFC fans love to see a bully go down.

Messed with the wrong girl

Trump is a bully of the worst kind. Do you really want a president who mocks people with physical disabilities?

Reason #3 — We Respect Women Professionally

When Jones was disqualified from UFC 200 due to a failed drug test, the UFC could have made Hunt vs. Lesnar the headlining fight. Instead, Dana White and the UFC made the Women’s Bantamweight title match (Tate vs. Nunes) the headliner, and most fans thought that was the right call.

“She’s the champ. What Miesha accomplished a few fights ago, you can’t disrespect that. She should be the main event. She deserves to be. The other title fight in an interim title fight. It’s the right thing to do.” – Dana White

Donald Trump, according to himself, loves, respects, and cherishes women. As long as they don’t criticize him, like Megyn Kelly has. In that case, Trump goes straight to menstruation jokes. This article is a pretty good “best of” Trump loving, cherishing, and respecting women.

Reason #4 — We Believe in Fairness

The UFC isn’t about free-for-all brawls. It’s about competition with strict rules. Fighters are expected to refrain from eye-gouging, biting, and other illegal moves, and are strictly tested for steroids and other performance enhancers.

For Trump, cheating and ripping people off is just part of the game. Watch this video to get a sense for how Trump does business.

Can you imagine if the UFC operated that way? Promised a fight bonus and then didn’t pay? The UFC has a long way to go in terms of really treating fighters fairly (providing health insurance would be a good start), but at least the organization pays what it promises.

So What’s the Alternative?

I realize I’m not going to get any Republican UFC fans to vote for Hillary Clinton. But why not write in Dana White for president? Unlike Trump, he’s actually taken a failing business and turned it into a goldmine. Like Trump, he’s tough and blunt, but unlike Trump he’s reasonably fair, not an obvious sociopath, and is humble enough to take a Stockton slap from Nate Diaz in order to close a deal. He’s a big-picture guy willing to take one for the team.

Getting deals done today #immagetmymoney #stocktonslapped #ufc @representltd #100

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Dana White for president!


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  1. JD… come on. You’re using “HuffingtonPost” as your source for dirt on Triump? Trump didn’t disavow KKK? Has support of some white supremacist groups? This is assassination journalism at best. There is no real honest proof Trump is racist other than some comments taken out of context by people like HuffingtonPost. SHAME ON YOU. Justice Dept.investigated “his company”, not him, for some broker/s not renting to “TWO BLACKS”. 2. Out of what … 500,000? And b/c somebody settles or pays a fine doesn’t mean they did anything wrong. No more than those banks that gave into Obama and his picketing crew in Chicago for not giving more loans to blacks. Don’t you think this is dishonest journalism? All it does is play to the people that are NOT critical thinkers. But to the ones that are biased, bigoted, prejudice, quick to judge. Is Trump perfect no. I wish there was a better pick. But at the same time I am fair. I don’t like hit-job journalism. Like they do every time to Palin, Romney, etc. And it’s ODD how with all the controversy swirling around Obama (before and after he was elected), and now Hillary, they don’t enjoy the same scrutiny by the media. That’s what is really a crime here. Not all this petty dirt on Trump.

    Your next source is NYMAG… another left-wing piece. Trump, who says he won’t apologize for calling Rosie a fat pig or something, actually DID apologize for the tweet. He said he made a mistake re-tweeting what somebody else said and didn’t understand who the original author was and it was taken out of context. This whole entire article is one big piece of “out of context” crap. No? If you believe the author then Trump is a closet KKK guy who has secretly kept these connections alive for decades. Yet ONLY to be discovered now just months before an election.

    Trump… can’t make excuses for everything he’s ever said his whole life. Lets face it. The guy is NOT a politician, says what he wants, never thought 20 years ago stuff he said would be dug, or b/c 20 years ago he had no intentions of running for office. He’s been the boss his whole life and I think this does something to somebody. He’s use to getting his way, saying what he wants, and doesn’t get a lot of push back from subordinates. But that’s a long way from nitpicking a person’s entire life and branding them a racist and sexist. At least he’s honest. He says what he feels and he’s wrong sometimes. I prefer that to this political jibberish from Obama and Hillary’s mouths all the time. They lie, beat around the bush, don’t answer questions, block investigations, etc. Trump is not perfect. He is NO politician. But how does that make the democratic ticket better? Why are they treated so much better every election? Why is it hit-piece gotcha journalism every election cycle is against whoever the republican candidates are? Every time. Trump deserves to be criticized for some of his comments. He needs to be a little bit better of a politician than a businessman sometimes. But the obvious left-wing bias in the media, and here, is so obvious it makes me sick. I know my history and I am acutely aware of what people sacrificed for a free press. And what the press’ job is and how important it is. I know what’s going on in the world. How people in Iran have a media controlled by Mullah’s. How it looks like Turkey is now going down a dark road. This bias in the US media makes me sick.

    The fact is… Trump would make a better President than Hillary. He’s the lesser of two fools, he’s honest, and he is NOT a politician. I like that about him actually. I can forgive his gaffs. Even tho Palin was inexperienced I liked that she was a regular person. I liked that she didn’t go to an ivory league school. I liked that she is NOT a lawyer. A profession bent on manipulating public opinion dishonestly. How many on the left are lawyers? Palin was a regular person. Is that not what the founding fathers wanted? It was supposed to be regular citizens serving like you would for jury duty. Not these dishonest career aholes that are snakes. This is exactly why NO sane person would ever run for office. The media, the crazy people, and Hollywood nutjobs in this country just rip people apart unfairly. WHY? It’s not about being fair. It’s just about making sure their guy/gal wins.

    • Agree on media bias (both left and right). Obviously we disagree on who is fit to be president.

      There are no regular people running for president. Both Donald and Hillary are elites. Both have told lies. Both have a strong ego. But only one has a history of effective governance, a history of making friends on both sides of the aisle, and a history of championing the rights of workers, children, and people in poverty. I’m with her.

      A few of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments to date:

      But seriously, I do think Dana White would be a better candidate than Trump!

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you stick around and continue commenting despite our differing points of view.

  2. Dana White guy reminds me of “the plumber” guy running around during one election cycle. He ended up in local office I believe.

    Politico… another left-wing publication. That is really tough to sit and come up with Hillary accomplishments. I’ve heard a lot of people on the left get stumped on that for the past 12 months or so. So they had time to think about it and came up with that. I read it… I watch the news everyday… and that’s a bunch of BS. You could say yea.. she gave a speech on women’s rights at UN or something… but what did that really change. Giving her a little leeway b/c being Sec. of State is hard to do anything significant. It’s still all BS and fluff tho. Her and Obama have nothing to be proud of about foreign affairs. They lied their whole way through Benghazi. Some of that stuff is so unforgivable. People died man. It’s insulting to my intelligence for them to even claim ANY foreign policy victories. They should just leave that field blank.

    It really is a pointless discussion. I mean… two educated… calm.. rational people can’t come to a similar conclusion… who can? I know what I’m talking about. I don’t care about either party or either candidate. Trump just is a guy who has not had to worry about being Politically Correct his whole life, unlike the rest of us. And he just says things almost on purpose to run head first into that PC wall. But this world is so crazy. He says we need to close our border… he’s a racist. We need to stop letting people come here from certain countries until we vet them better… racist. Some stuff he says is just anti-PC and he does it on purpose b/c he knows a lot of people are SICK of it. But he’s not a racist. If you just don’t agree with Obama policy… racist. Even tho huge #’s of whites voted for him. This country is hopelessly screwed. The reason politics are so bad is b/c it’s citizens are easily manipulated, biased, and ignorant. And here we are two people that seem to be the opposite of that yet still can’t come to a consensus. I’m not crazy about Trump but to me Hillary is just an evil person. Trump is a fool that would do a good job. We don’t need any more politicians. And he would care just as much about poverty, children, and women as anybody else. That’s ridiculous.

    • You are on to something there … two Americas, with two sets of media, two differing narratives, with very little rational discussion between.

      I am actually quite left of Clinton, but in an incrementalist sort of way (not “let’s throw everything out and start over” like some in the Sanders camp, but rather let’s try to improve the systems we already have).

      When we form our political beliefs we do so with some kind of improved society in mind. I think about “messy utopias” as described here:


      What does a better U.S. look like from your point of view? What specific policy changes would bring us closer to that vision?

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to brush off what’s going on with the media in this country by saying it goes on with both sides. 80% or more of the media do show a liberal bias… not including talk radio. Most of the stuff that comes from a legit right-wing news source will be a fair opinion piece. HuffingtonPost? It’s not even journalism in my opinion. National Enquirer does some good stuff sometimes too but that doesn’t make them legit either. There is a LOT more biased crazy stuff going on in the left-wing media than anybody on the right. Just depends on how sophisticated and educated on the facts you are if you are fooled by all the noise. And there’s a lot of noise out there. I could spend hours dissecting one of your articles but who cares. As lefty fav author Saul Alinksy said… answer all attacks with attacks and put your enemy on the defense constantly so the focus is off of you. It works too. Lets keep digging up dirt on republican candidates so we don’t talk about how bad of a person Hillary is. This country is screwed no matter what anybody says. And we’re heading down a path of liberalism, debt, weak economy, and declining military power while evil in the world gathers. Not just terrorists but Russia, China, N,Korea, Iran, and now maybe Turkey. We’re getting weaker all the time and the world is getting more and more dangerous. If the USA was not around I would be my life we would be seeing a WW3 scenario going on all over the world. We are the last great power keeping evil in the world in check. Yet we’re getting weaker every year. And this “left wing” media bias, and all this PC policing, and stupid voters is not making us any stronger. I don’t know where this world is heading but I’ll see you on the other side maybe Moyer and I’ll accept you confession that I was right about a lot of things. In the meantime I’m preparing to hide in Belize or something to weather the coming storm.

  4. Interesting read. Life is complex. I get all points-of-view and see how none are right or wrong.

    – progress can occur even if human nature doesn’t change
    – progress isn’t smooth, rather it is interrupted by sharp spikes of regress

    I’ve thought about some of this lately. I get the feeling we have maxed out our progress for now. I mean how much better can it get.. in spite of human nature. I feel the same way about racism. Outside putting government cameras inside your home to see how you raise your kids won’t there always be some level of racism? I think we are seeing the best it can get. I think Americans are crazy ignorant people, in general, and it only gets crazier in the rest of the world. So how much more progress is there? I think we can get rid of some more places like Iran, N.Korea, maybe it would be a better place no? But look at what people went through to get democracy in Venezuela, and Turkey. And to just hand it all back over.

    Second point: I think we are in a period leading to regress… a sharp spike downward. We’ve been without large major warfare for a long time. One of the longest streaks outside of days of Empires where there was only one great power. Evil is brewing. Imagine all the worlds bad actors pulling another WW2 move. China and Russia have already been acting up for quite awhile. People are just too foolish to avoid the coming violence I’m afraid. I always thought… if there were aliens… they would never land here anyway. We’re too violent, irrational, and dangerous.

    None of that answers your question. I’ve been trying to understand what a lefty is.. and why they feel the way they do. I still don’t understand. But to me it seems to be the origin of PC. It seems to be an obsessive desire to make the world fair when it’s inherently unfair… maybe by design. To me it seems like it’s meant to be that way. Just like you and I disagree I think it’s inevitable for even allies to go to war in the future. So what hope is there for the rest of them?

    Sanders is a great example. He ,and Hillary, say free college for everybody. This is the same sorta gimmicks both parties have used to get votes and drive our debt up. They say these things and people go “yea, yea” but who really understands what Sanders is really proposing? I’ve seen those street interviews and nobody has a clue. People are dumb. History is littered with people trying out diff. styles of leftist governments and economics. It doesn’t work. This is why I say we’re all inherently screwed. People keep wanting to try this stuff over and over. And even though Capitalism and personal responsibility are the way to go it’s heavily dependent on people not being greedy, selfish, etc. But we’re asking people to not be people. To me it seems there is no Utopia or perfect way. There is a better way… and even then it’s wrought with pitfalls and periods of regression, turmoil, suffering, and violence. It seems inevitable. And most of the people don’t even know what the real argument is about. We are hopelessly lost in pointless, argumentative debate run by pundits and politicians that are out to hustle people that are already ignorant before they hear a single word. Nobody really cares about what I’m saying and it won’t change a thing. That’s the irony of it all. it is pointless to even talk about it. And it’s part of human nature and it will probably never change or even get any better. We’re talking about educated, intelligent people here. Not third world unsophisticated citizens. It’s all pointless. How many times does anybody even remember a damn thing you said a few minutes after you said it? What about a day or week? How many times have you ever forgot what you were talking about? Nobody is really listening to each other so what’s the point? I know what the truth is. I see what’s going on around me. And I know there’s nothing I can do about it, it will never change, and I’m just here for the ride and I want off as soon as possible. I can tell you now on my grave…. I will see stupid Trump in the next life and he has a lot to learn… Hillary and Obama will not be there. I have no desire to explain it or try to convince anybody of anything. I know what I know.

    SO… to finally get to the actual question. Now I sound like Obama and a LOT of politicians not answering questions, wasting clock time so they can get out of the interview. What does a perfect USA look like? Some form of capitalism with lots of locally distributed charity. But it requires the rich to be generous, amongst others. I’m 48 now and I’ve seen my fair share of greed, evilness, and how the world really works. I’ve worked in healthcare for 20 years and I’ve never worked anywhere there wasn’t medicare fraud going on. I’ve seen good people get corrupted by money and power. America is kind of like capitalism on steroids. All the laws are bent around what’s good for the business. But when I think of alternatives there’s nothing that doesn’t have it’s own drawbacks. No matter what system we can think of it always boils down to the same variable…. people. And people corrupt things. There is no perfect system. Any and all systems are man’s systems and are inherently flawed b/c we are flawed. That’s why I’m waiting for the next world. You can’t get away with it any more. No more lies, manipulating, fraud, etc. We are bound and doomed for another cataclysm, war, natural disaster of epic proportions. It’s just a matter of when. So what point is it to talk about a Utopia when the whole questions is really pointless. There are certainly worse ways of doing things… Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, Russia,…. Turkey.

    Lefties seem to be obsessed with this idea of making things fair. Spread wealth around. Take from one and give to another. We’ve always had some form of socialism except for maybe before the Great Depression. One thing I learned in life, and the founding fathers warned us about, NEVER trust a man with too much power. I don’t like big government. I don’t like anybody with power to spread wealth. Who decides who to take from? How much? I don’t trust anybody with that much power. Ideally… in a perfect Utopian world… you wouldn’t have to do that. In Star Trek the idea is people don’t do what they do b/c of money. They do it b/c they are interested in a career, or helping people, etc. There is no such thing as money. And a replicator will give you anything else you desire. In Utopia there probably wouldn’t even be money. But if there was… wouldn’t rich people give a lot? Are you going to force them? What would keep them from just moving their money and business to China? I never understood how Beyonce could spend $500,000 on an iPhone case. Or why does Michael Douglas need like 8 diff. Ferrari’s so he can have every color? I find that disgusting. Why do people get mad at me b/c I say I don’t think Jesus would approve of Joel Osteen and his $10 Million home… or his other $3 Million one. Who the hell is Al Sharpton? No I’m sorry. This world is crazy and it ain’t getting any better.

    The only real thing I can think of off the top of my head that would make things better… and like everything else… it’s not a policy. I don’t like to FORCE anybody to do anything. One thing… Pay More Damn Attention. I’ve had this idea for awhile. What’s really wrong? It seems to me that in the old days in the first colonies people knew who their local representative was. They knew what he was doing and where he lived. If they didn’t like what he was doing they were down there that night with pitchforks and torches. They PAY ATTENTION. I’ve seen fraud everywhere I go b/c nobody pays attention. I’ve seen corruption everywhere in government b/c nobody pays attention. People tend…. to do what they can get away with. If nobody pays attention to what the hell is going on then government tends to get out of control. How the hell does Obama and Hillary get away with the crap they do? People are more interested in what is Kim Kardashian wearing today. What did Kanye say now. Is that party this weekend a BYOB affair or not. People are apathetic and self-absorbed. The government is doing horrible things to people and nobody cares. They are doing things that will affect us all and people don’t know and they don’t care to know. I think people even go out of their way to avoid knowing about anything that will spoil this vibe they are in. This little naive party world bubble they create around themselves. Otherwise the real shit will bring you down off this high they are trying to get and stay on 24/7. If people pay attention, get more involved, care more about what’s going on that would go a long way to changing things. Whether it’s a change I like or not doesn’t matter b/c we’re all in the same boat and we’ll all suffer the consequences of what decision is made. But at least we could learn from the mistakes and then phase 2…. learn how to pay attention better. Right now the people that are getting involved can’t rationally explain why. I think some of the only people that REALLY know what’s going on are politicians. They are just opportunist that see how the whole thing can be turned into a hustle for themselves. And people are just sheep to them that can be easily manipulated. That’s why Obama has this attitude that he thinks he knows what’s best for us and just needs to be King. He thinks he’s so much smarter than the rest of us and it’s ok for him to be manipulative and dishonest b/c it’s for our own good. They use FDR’s actions before WW2 as an example to justify it.

    Most of the media is biased… and I mean LEFT wing not right wing. Finding one nut in the crowd of a Tea Party event does not make the entire organization racist. Finding one bad online article does not mean there’s an equal right-wing media bias. On the left media bias has become institutionalized. I think what is happening in Turkey could easily happen here. Instead of radical Islamist taking over it’ll be a McCarthian style Liberal takeover. People are already complaining about how they feel if they are conservative they have to keep it to themselves b/c of how bigoted people are. That’s why a lot of our “government” “union” controlled schools are full of liberals. it only makes sense if you have a news station owned by a liberal, hires liberal editors and managers, who hire other liberals, that the news will have a liberal slant. I only started paying attention to ANY of this the past 10-15 years so if you haven’t figured this out by now don’t worry about it.

    I’ve rambled enough for now. There is no perfect system. People that talk about it are dangerous. It always leads to somebody having too much power and forcing other people to do things against their will and conform. Anything with too much government in power and/or size is bad. Any system where the people aren’t actively engaged in it is doomed. We are turning out to be the next Rome it seems. Self-absorbed and narcissistic. And we only lasted 240 years or so. One of the shortest lasting world super-powers ever.

    • You’ve got a good wall of text there George — not sure I can respond to all of it. But a few top-of-the-mind thoughts:

      – Intelligently regulated capitalism, with a power-distributed democracy, as an imperfect but pretty good system of government. I think we’re mostly in agreement there. Avoid concentration of power, maximize individual freedom.

      – Risk of world war. I see a big problem with Trump not fully supporting NATO, and Putin seeing that as an invitation to march into Lithuania, maybe even Poland. Hillary has been clear that she would support NATO, stand up to Putin. Thoughts?

      – No perfect system. Agreed. Thus the “messy” in my idea of “messy utopias.” Build on what we have. Incremental progress. I do think we can do better in terms of racism and economic opportunity. We’ve been doing better ever since abolishing slavery, so why wouldn’t the trend continue?

      – Liberals and fairness. Guilty as charged … I do think liberals would like to see a more fair world and economic systems. Also, I agree with you (and Werner Herzog) that nature and the natural order is not fair — nature is cruel. But not by design — IMO there is no designer, only evolution.

      Thank you again for sharing your opinions in an openly liberal blogspace. 😉

  5. J.D. As someone observing all of this from across the pond, Europe and the UK are truly scratching our heads with what is going on in the USA.

    Clinton is certainly not perfect or beyond criticism. But Trump is promoting racist comments (Mexicans), ill thought out policies, he’s bullying, jingoistic, ill informed. A genuinely nasty piece of work.

    We are worried about what is happening over with you guys, where did reason, tolerance and intelligence go?

    Just like Boris Johnson over here, don’t laugh him off as funny or a voice of the people. He’s neither.

    I’m genuinely saddened by what seems to be happening.

    • Populist sentiment on the rise worldwide, no doubt. We are in a global fear bubble, especially in regards to imagined threats from immigration and terrorism. The latter is a real threat, but very small compared to real threats like disease, traffic accidents, climate change, and failing infrastructure (lead in water in Flint, for example).

      The world is changing too quickly for some. Marginalized and oppressed groups are demanding equal treatment and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So does the reality that in today’s global economy nothing is guaranteed (unless you’re born rich). Many give in to xenophobia and tribalism when compassion and seeking solutions should prevail.

      But still I’m optimistic. Demographic shifts point to strong trends toward tolerance (most of the bigots are either long in the tooth and fixed in their ways, or are too young to know better and will wise up in adulthood). Just because there’s a populist surge doesn’t mean those forces will win out. Do what you can to promote reason, tolerance, and solutions, and I’ll do the same.

      • Oh boy. Typical left-wing ideology. There is no immigrant or terrorism problem. If there’s just a 1-3% problem with blacks being shot and total interactions with police on whole is there no problem there either. If there’s only say 10% problem with all illegal immigrants does that make a PC and racist issue? We’re being unfair to the other 90%. You hear the same thing about Muslims. It’s just a small percentage. Doesn’t matter if 50% of Muslims support Bin Laden and terrorism in general.

        I think left-wing people are in their “feeling sorry” for who they perceive to be the minority. We have this mindless debate about calling it Radical Islam b/c it’s not PC to use Islam in that way b/c it says all Muslims are bad. People aren’t stupid. Of course all Muslims are not bad. But you don’t see 50% of Christians supporting suicide bombings. If that was the case would it not be fair to call it what it is and say we have a major problem in that community? This PC madness is going to get a lot of people hurt.

        I’ve heard that argument too. This is why the left says global warming is a bigger threat than terrorism b/c of the statistical odds that you could become a victim of terrorist. It’s such a naive, dishonest way to look at things. I just don’t understand it. I want to understand too. I really do. I think people on the left are worried about PC carp #1, and #2 that this could some how be used to justify another war. I can’t make sense out of it any other way. I’m a simple guy. Life is not that complex for me. I see a problem, identify it, label it, and act. God can you imagine if liberals were in charge in WW2?? The war would have never ended. It would have been countless debates about whether civilians were pro Nazi or not. And how Japanese were really brainwashed by this Emperor cult. I think it’s a naive and dangerous way to interpret things.

        Climate change… and credit-cards… are the two greatest scams ever perpetrated on humans in the entire history of mankind. Global warming may be true actually but the diff. between the two terms is people on the left say it’s all due to human emissions. And they talk like it’s 100% undeniable definitive proof of it too. The earth has been going through many periods of warming and cooling. Once they admit that they had to say well it’s happening just quicker now than some other times before. Nobody knows for sure any of this and it’s a huge lie put on people all over the world. All we’re doing is not making any difference and hurting ourselves financially and our enemies are not worried about it and getting stronger. We’re just shooting ourselves in the foot and it’s sad. I saw a show one time with the guy who created the Weather Channel. He showed a chart of temperatures, carbon emissions, AND…. solar activity. Emissions did NOT follow temp. chg. You know what did? It went up and down EXACTLY with temp. SOLAR activity. So what do you think? The sun is maybe affecting this.. and it’s a NORMAL CYCLICAL event… or humans and their cars are doing it? THEN they came out and said not… cows are giving off more gas now in pastures than cars. An excuse now for they same nutty left-wing people to tell all of us that we should all be vegans. I’m so sock of all the nonsense in the world. Al Gore ran the biggest scam #3 ever too. Made 100’s of million$ selling carbon credits for the “guilty” idiots and took off once the heat was raised on how he lives his life and what he has to say about temps going down now. It’s a scam by left-wing tree hugging environmentalist guys. As far as scientists and those people go. I think some are good intentioned and some it’s just a way to keep the gov money flowing in. If you think that’s not possible you are not being honest with yourself. The world is full of scams. And you don’t need to be a conspiracy guy to see that.

        JD.. people are not scared of immigrants. People don’t like being invaded. They don’t like our laws being skirted. They don’t like open borders. No matter what you do we can’t let everybody come here. I work in Nuclear Medicine and there’s a 50% unemployment rate. I personally know several in my field that they or their parents came here illegally. Like Trump said… we have to take care of our own first. It’s so unfair that I spent the better part of my life for a career I can’t even work in b/c of our economy, immigrants, the huge national debt. It’s just not sustainable. Democrats are ONLY doing this and harming our country b/c these people almost always vote Democrat. It’s really scary where we’re going with this. Makes NO sense. We need to help people help themselves. Help them fix their countries and stay where they are not run here. We should have helped them more in Syria before people fled to Europe. Such a shame. 100,000’s of people killed. Everybody can’t run here.

        There is nothing reasonable about left-wing solutions. I think liberals are good kind souls. I like that. But they need to stay as “community organizers”. They have no business running a business or a government. It’s not an effective way to deal with problems. It just leads to making excuses for people, PC run amuck, feeling sorry for criminals instead of victims, open borders, terrorism vulnerabilities, the list goes on and on. It’s making us weaker. We need to be tough but compassionate.

        • I think you’re correct in that it’s not simply a question of what kinds of problems pose the biggest actual threats to human life, but what kinds of problems and threats resonate most strongly with different political groups.

          As a liberal, the problem of innocent people (especially brown and black skinned people) being killed by police does strongly resonate with me. You might call it “feeling sorry” — I would call it empathy, and concern about a police state and overuse of lethal force. But you’re correct that I do care more about this problem than I do about illegal immigration. I care less about the latter because of what I observe in California; for the most part illegal immigrants take farmworker jobs for very low pay, working in very poor conditions, that most U.S. citizens wouldn’t take. I acknowledge that there are other cases, but for professional positions legal immigration (H1B visas) and the global economy (Indian IT firms who work remotely) are more of a threat (in terms of driving down wages and taking jobs). But not a life or death threat, like being killed by police.

          For the record I do take terrorism seriously, as I think most liberals do. I think there the differences between liberals and conservatives come down to what kind of approach will work best. So far invading countries in the Middle East has been counterproductive.

          So maybe that’s the beginning of a conversation there — liberals and conservatives are making drastically different value judgements in terms of which problems are important, and how to solve them, and what kind of process we should use to determine the best solutions (gut instinct, scientific evidence, real-world testing, etc.).

    • Give me ONE example of racist (Mexican?) comments. Any race. There’s a reason why this guy, altho brash at times, speaks to a large majority in this country. His RNC speech last night was electrifying. If you follow all the news that is going on you would understand. I don’t see how people in other countries could follow news in another country. Remember… most of the news and governments in Europe are left-wing too. They report biased news all the time. So it’s NOT your fault. You only know what you are told.

      Trump say… we need to stop all the Mexicans coming across the border and doing crimes and killing our citizens. “Left” wing media foams at the mouth and likes to use the word racist all the time. And that’s the news you get. Most of the media does it here too. But what he said after that was of course some are good people that just come for jobs too. Then he said he has thousands of Hispanic people working for him and they are great workers.

      This is the reason when Trump said last night he’s sick and tired of the PC politically correct crap he got a huge ovation. We who know the facts know the Democrats want an open border b/c +90% of these people vote Democrat. We who are informed know what’s really going on with the border, sanctuary cities, the crimes illegals are committing. And we are sick of the PC CRAP and how it’s being used in a deceitful way by the “left wing media” to call Trump a racist. Must we say “not all Mexicans” are bad? Isn’t that obvious? Who would say that? Must we run off a huge PC prepared spiel of legal disclaimers before we are allowed to talk out of fear of being called a racist, sexist, or some other nasty label? Trump speaks to a lot of us who know the facts, see the media bias that attacks him unfairly every day, and observe how they don’t vet people on the democratic side b/c they are secretly rooting for them. It’s disgusting what the media has turned into over here.

      I thought about that yesterday. I really am open-minded. I’m trying really hard to be fair and self-critiquing. But Trump says a lot of dumb things “sometimes”. But sometimes it’s b/c he’s honest, too honest, not being a politician which we like, and could care less about being politically correct which we REALLY like. We’re sick of the crap from some people in this country. And when I hear Hillary talk I feel nothing. Total emptiness. I don’t believe anything she says b/c of her past. Somebody once said once you lost my trust I can’t hear anything else you say. She just comes off as phony. A regular politician who just says what her handlers say she should. I’d rather have somebody who is honest, even if they put a foot in their mouth sometimes. Trump does need to be more “presidential”. I just read the whole story behind the Ted Cruz fiasco. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in him. A PAC is posting nude pics of his wife and saying vote for Cruz he’s going to take it personal and attacks right back. I wish he would take the high road in stuff like this but he’s not your typical politician. But that’s what makes him so popular with some people. we like that the “establishment” doesn’t like him. It’s just proof to a lot of us that they are corrupt and just don’t like that they can’t control him. A lot of us are sick of how things are being run and the corruption. We want to throw them all out really bad.

      Don’t be saddened or worried mate. It’s a revolution going on. Unfortunately only 50% or less of the country has even caught on yet. Be worried if things don’t catch on. Why? Because nothing will change and China and Russian will continue to be bad actors, terrorism will get worse, USA will become weaker and more in debt, and the world will see some really bad times and violence heading our way. Things can’t keep going the way they are. Your fears are misguided b/c your media is deceiving you too. But don’t feel bad b/c at least 50% of this country has no idea what is going on. Not a CLUE. They interview people all the time on the streets everywhere and a lot of people don’t even know what ISIS or Benghazi are. This country is going crazy but it’s not for the reasons you think. You guys should really be worried about yourselves too. Liberal governments, debt, weak military, open borders and lots of immigrants flooding in. I hope you guys deal with the problems as they come and don’t see people get too angry over there. I worry as more terrorism happens there’ll be a lot of violence against immigrants. I have friends in Germany and they tell me there’s a lot of tension with immigrants. Too many have come too soon and they are not assimilating. And a lot are unhappy with western culture and lack of jobs. This is exactly what terrorists want. A war with the “west”.

  6. While we debate all this nonsense yet ANOTHER terrorist incident happens at a German mall in Munich. What will the left say when this is a weekly thing? It’s still not as many deaths as traffic accidents? It’s only a matter of time till it starts up here too. The only reason there is less here now is b/c we both have open borders but they are just physically closer to the terrorists.

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