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Month: November 2017

Walk Like a Medieval

About 18 months ago, shortly after we gave up our car, I started to get some weird nerve sensations–tingling and a little numbness–along the inside of my legs and pelvic floor. Since I’d been riding my bike a lot more, I guessed that was probably the source of the issue. I got a fitted, more ergonomic bike seat, and fatter tires. That helped, but I was still experiencing some symptoms. I’d been playing a lot of racquetball, so I thought maybe the high-impact running around the court might be part of the problem. But taking a few weeks off from racquetball didn’t make any difference.

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The Joy and Beauty of Consensual Violence

I’ve been thinking about why I love to watch people fight. Especially if both combatants are skilled and each has a good chance of winning. A big part of it is the vicarious thrill–imagining myself in the ring. But sometimes I wonder…am I just bloodthirsty?

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