From the Trip 'n Spin days

From the Trip ‘n Spin days

I started writing and producing dance music in 1992 as “DJ JD”, while DJing at the UC Davis radio station KDVS. After graduating, I moved back to the Bay Area and connected with the record label collective Trip ‘n Spin Recordings. My first collaboration with DJ Spesh came out in 1994, recording as Jondi & Spesh, a partnership that continues to this day. Our album “We Are Connected” made Muzik magazine’s list of Top 40 albums of the year when it came out, right next to Madonna. Releases on Renaissance, Global Underground, and Bedrock followed, and we received support from the top DJ’s in the world at that time (John Digweed, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, and many others). Jondi & Spesh also composed a number of tracks for Konami’s massively popular game series Dance Dance Revolution.

SF beats since '98

SF beats since ’98

In 1998 Spesh and I started Loöq Records. With over two hundred releases, Loöq is a “pan-electronic” label that releases techno, deep house, progressive house, breakbeat, ambient, downtempo, and more. For over a decade Spesh and I hosted the monthly Loöq Radio podcast as well as the Qoöl Happy Hour–the first electronic music happy hour in San Francisco. Qoöl had an insanely popular 15-year run as a weekly Wednesday event at 111 Minna.

Moyer and Musselman

Moyer and Musselman

Around the year 2000 I began to collaborate with Mark Musselman on the breakbeat project Momu (some consider us to be among the originators of the “progressive breaks” subgenre). Since then Momu has released four full-length albums. Momu’s biggest track to date is probably “The Dive” from our debut self-titled album, which received support from Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, and many others. Momu’s track Sunsicle was used in the intro to the TV show C.S.I.

Jondi & Spesh circa 2004

Jondi & Spesh circa 2004

In 2004 Spesh and I released our third album “The Answer” on Spundae Records and toured the US and Europe in support of the album. Despite some good times, I realized then that I didn’t want to be an internationally touring DJ.

In 2008 Mark and released our second Momu album, Momentum. You can watch the music video from “Window” below.

In 2010 Spesh and I released an entirely ambient album “Angles of Estrangement” — a collection of soundscape deconstructions of many of our most popular dance tracks.

In 2012 Momu’s 3rd album “Rising” reached #3 on Beatport’s Chill-Out Releases Chart, and entered the overall Top 100.

Describing Momu’s most recent album The Mission (2015):

“… an aural criticism of the radical changes taking place in San Francisco. With breakbeats, analog synths, and digital sculpting, Momu creates sounds both beautiful and dissonant, raising a playful middle finger to Silicon Valley while also celebrating the city’s history and idiosyncrasies.”

Links to most of my releases (Momu, Jondi & Spesh, other collaborations and aliases) can be found on my Discography/Albums page. In addition to iTunes and Beatport, my music is available on Spotify, Pandora, and most other outlets.