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The Joy and Beauty of Consensual Violence

I’ve been thinking about why I love to watch people fight. Especially if both combatants are skilled and each has a good chance of winning. A big part of it is the vicarious thrill–imagining myself in the ring. But sometimes I wonder…am I just bloodthirsty?

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Why UFC Fans Should Reject Donald Trump (Dana White for Prez)

UFC (and future USA?) President Dana White

UFC (and future USA?) President Dana White

As a left-leaning UFC fan I was disappointed to learn that Dana White would be speaking at the Republican National Convention. Dana White is a likable guy and I appreciate how hard he works to promote the UFC and make great fights happen. Too bad he’s supporting Douchebag #1. But it’s a free country and we’re each¬†entitled to our own opinion.

So here’s my listicle of why UFC fans should reject the Trumpster.

When I say “we” I mean UFC fighters, organizers, and fans.

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Why We Love Conor McGregor (the Wonderful Insanity of Calling Your Shots)


Like many people I got pulled back into UFC because of Conor McGregor. I watched the first UFC fights in the nineties, on VHS tapes rented from my local video store. Ninjitsu vs. wrestling, karate vs. thai boxing, a 150 pound man vs. a 220 pound man — who would win? What style would prevail? It soon became clear that Brazilian jiu-jitsu, specifically the Gracie family brand, was the most effective martial art in the world in terms of one-on-one battles. Any sane man will tap when a choke hold prevents him from breathing, or an arm bar threatens to snap his humerus in half.

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