Two great posts I’ve enjoyed recently:

1) How To Walk The Talk and Unlock Your True Potential
from, by Martin Berkhan

Mr. Ripped, aka Martin Berkhan.

Martin Berkhan is an insanely fit Swede who writes about muscle-gain, fat-loss, and metabolic science.  He’s an entertaining, insightful writer who I admire for his critical thinking, skepticism, and intellectual independence.

In the post linked above, Martin discusses psychological issues specific to those of us who are  obsessed with health and nutrition information.  We don’t always practice the principles we preach to others.  Our addiction to health and fitness information can be counter-productive; we’re constantly “optimizing our systems” instead of just sticking with a simple plan that works.

I won’t give away Martin’s solution to this conundrum — read the post!

2) The Unconquerable Dave
from by Mark Sisson and Dave Parsons

Readers of Mark Sisson’s “primal living” site (which features Sisson’s version of the paleolithic diet) often write in and share testimonials and before/after pictures.  I love these posts — it’s great to see the results from people who have given up on the low-fat, low-cholesterol standard diet advice and are taking the paleo path.

Primal Dave!

From the tone and content of Dave’s emails, it seemed like he jumped on the primal/paleo bandwagon and never looked back.  He just stuck with the plan, lost 100 pounds, and reverse-aged.  One can’t help but think “Go Dave!” while reading this post.