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My Best Work, for Free (Momu – Momentum giveaway)

This morning I’m happy to give you some of my best work, for free.

Momentum is the second Momu album. The album was a change from our first album (the self-titled Momu) which featured textural, intense, breakbeats (like our remix of Jamie Stevens “The Night Before” or our epic anthem “Hydergine“). Momentum, on the other hand, is sculpted from slower beats, sonic weirdness, and poptronica.

My favorite track on Momentum (thanks in no small part to Kia Simon’s music video below) is the track Window. It was our first collaboration with Alysoun Quinby since “The Dive” (you may have heard that one in the background of about a hundred different MTV reality shows).

So, enough with the commentary. Click the link below to the Loöq Records site and download Momu’s last album, Momentum, as a free download. Yes, Loöq Records want your email. Why?

So they can tell you about the new Momu album which comes out next week.

Download Momu – Momentum


Hopsin meets Charles Murray


Quality of Consciousness


  1. I bought the “From Here To There” album when you advertised it here. It’s not as good in my opinion as this Momu only album you are giving away. I’ve been hearing it all weekend and wow it’s really good and easy to listen to. Thank you very much, now I am a fan not only of your blog but of your music also.

    • Thank you — glad you are enjoying the Momu sounds. The new Momu album is out in 2 days. We have an incredible launch page planned for it which I’m looking forward to sharing (which will also include a free download for the title track).

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