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A Thank You to Readers, and What’s To Come in 2015


“Start of blue hour at the village” by Jeff S. PhotoArt

It was only a few months ago that this blog passed one million views, and now we’re quickly coming up on two million. I’m happy that so many people are finding value here! Thank you for stopping by — I realize your time is valuable and you don’t have time to read the entire internet everyday.

If you’re new to this blog and not sure if it’s for you, here are some topics I’ll be writing about in 2015:

  • A series of “how to invest” posts written specifically for millennials (but hopefully useful to everyone). These posts will also go into gory details re: each of my own major investing mistakes and what I learned from each one, and go on to reveal my current investing system.
  • Share a natural hair-regrowth method I am currently using that is causing my hairline to actually advance (as opposed to retreat). I’ll also introduce you to the young man who told me about this method and has some interesting ideas about what causes hair loss and how to reverse the process. Before and after pictures will be included.
  • Updates on my fiction writing progress and daily writing habit, including a new method I am using to consistently break the 1000 word/day target (I realize many authors write much more than this already, but for me it’s a breakthrough).
  • A planned experiment, at least 30 days long, where my family goes from car-owning or car-leasing to walking/biking/occasional car-sharing.
  • More posts on my evolving life system that encompasses conscious prioritization of personal values, defining life purpose, effective goal setting, motivation methods, planning and strategizing, and daily production commitments.

That’s what’s in the pipeline!

LQ-1151_200Here’s a gift for you house music lovers. It will put you on the Loöq Records mailing list, which will expose you to even more fantastic, deep, house and ambient music (just so you know what you’re getting into).

One final thought … here are my wife Kia‘s old and new lists for how to experience the holidays. I think it’s a good rearrangement of priorities, don’t you?

1. Getting it all done.
2. Surviving it.
3. Work.
4. Having a nice holiday.

1. Have a nice time with my family.
2. Relaxing.
3. Experiencing holiday joy.
4. Enjoy yummy food & beverages.

Happy Christmakkah!


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  1. You do a nice job;-) I get weary of many of the things I sign up for online.., whereas much of your writing has been provocative of change, and kept me coming back. softly mind opening;-) I’m looking forward to the next year’s topics. make merry and enjoy the journey!

  2. susan

    love the” new list” and enjoy your posts very much thank you

  3. John

    Not that I’m trying to rush you – all of your posts are great – but I’d sure like to read your post on hair recession. I’ve just hit thirty and am losing it fast. Would love to hear your thoughts o this new method!

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