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Goals Are Falling Like Dominoes

Regular readers of this blog will know that my journey toward becoming a published writer (and hopefully soon a published novelist) has been one of endurance and perseverance rather than overnight success. In other words, a bit of a slog.

Just like every other writer in the history of the world. At least 99.9% of us.

That said, in the last few months, good fortune has smiled on me. Or the hard work has paid off. Or a little of both.

  • My story “The Icelandic Cure” won the 2016 Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction contest (publication 2018 Omnidawn)
  • I sold a story to Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine (which will appear early next year)
  • I joined the SFWA as an Active Member (which means I can vote on the Nebula Awards)
  • I sent off my first query letter to an agent

With new territory comes new possibilities for noobish awkwardness. The other day I somehow managed to send an editor a completely blank document as my “final” version. And it took forever to agree on cover art for my Omnidawn chapbook (I think my tastes might run a bit more pulpy than theirs).

It’s also been an emotional time. Moments of elation, but also higher stress (success means more work and higher expectations and new deadlines). It’s not like the additional work comes as a surprise, but life only lets you lazily bask in your own glory for so long before piling on a fresh heap of to-do items.

Not complaining. Not at all. But it does remind me that setting and working toward goals is a just a small part of creating a satisfying life. Goals help align me with what I believe my purpose in life is, at any given time. Goals help me remember what I should be doing, according to my own values.

It’s fun and exciting to reach personal goals (joining the SFWA has been on my list for a long time), but it also reaffirms what’s most important to me, things other than accumulating a list of personal achievements: my family and friends, my mental and physical health, living with an open heart, trying to contribute and make the world a slightly better place.

But I’m proud of myself, getting this far. It hasn’t been easy.

So, on to the next story …

Hope you enjoyed the eclipse!


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  1. R Flint

    Congratulations and continued best wishes!

  2. Gonzalo Fernandez

    Great job! Congratulations.

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