This blog is my extended exploration of how to live well, both as individuals and collectively as a continually evolving species, with an emphasis on systems. I write about lifestyle experiments, metaprogramming (my take on spirituality — how to program your own brain), creative work (writing and music), personal finance, health and nutrition, and other topics that interest me. I also let readers know about my latest fiction and music releases.

Material from this blog has been featured on CNN, Shareable, The Doctors (TV show), the front page of Reddit, Ignite SF, Why We Listen (podcast), and numerous other blogs.

While I hope to inspire and educate, I mainly blog as a form of personal growth. Blogging forces me to refine and develop my ideas, and to examine and better understand my own experiences.

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I don’t solicit direct donations or have any kind of paid subscription plan for this blog — the content of this blog is completely free! If you’d like to help me out financially, please purchase something from my Albums page (here’s my latest). Or purchase a book via my favorite science fiction novels page.

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I’m not a doctor or a medical professional. Nothing on this blog should be taken as professional medical advice. I’m just sharing information, opinions, and ideas. Maybe you’ll learn something here, but if you have a serious health issue, please see a qualified professional. Same goes for personal finance, career, relationship advice. Use at your own risk.

Comment Policy
My take on belief systems is that they should be malleable, and based on the available evidence. My own beliefs evolve as I learn new things and accumulate experiences. In that spirit, all viewpoints are welcome here, as long as they’re expressed reasonably (ideally with some supporting evidence). I have no interest in writing an echo-chamber blog, or having just one type of reader.

That said, please be respectful and reasonably polite, especially to other commenters (even if they are not as sophisticated or knowledgeable as you, or happen to be wrong).

Sometimes I turn on moderation, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away. I sometimes delete spam comments, personal attacks, or arguments I grow weary of.

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In posts I often use Creative Commons license photographs from Flickr, and link directly to the original picture. If I’ve used a Creative Commons photograph of yours/you and you’d prefer I didn’t, please let me know via my Contact page and I’ll take it down immediately.

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