I would love to get emails, and will try to respond, to the following:

  • A note to introduce yourself, if you are a writer, reviewer, editor, agent, or publisher of science fiction and/or fantasy (just to say hi, or for any reason).
  • To ask a question or comment about a short story I’ve written.
  • Requests for written interviews on any topic, and any publicity request re: my science fiction writing.
  • You would like to hire me as a writer or license a piece of writing or music.
  • Anything else you think I’d be interested in!

For various reaons I will probably not respond to the following:

  • Personal health questions (though I write about health topics, I don’t have any medical training and am unqualified to comment on anybody’s condition).
  • Questions about specific blog posts–please write a comment instead and I will try to reply so that other readers can benefit as well.
  • Questions about posts where comments are closed–I’ve probably already answered your question in the existing comments, if I know the answer.
  • Requests to do guest posts or post your infographic–I don’t do either on this blog (unless it’s an infographic I discover on my own and really like).
  • Requests to perform work without compensation.