This page outlines my own evolution “macro-model”: Nested Evolving Network Theory (N.E.N.T.). This model attempts to combine biological evolution with sociocultural evolution in a coherent framework (agents compete for resources, perish or survive and reproduce, mutate, navigate fitness landscapes, combine into superorganisms, etc.). I explain in more detail in the posts linked below.

I’ve also compared N.E.N.T. to other models from science-fiction and speculative philosophers. Comments welcome!

Nested Evolving Network Theory (N.E.N.T.)

A theoretical framework for modeling multilevel evolutionary simulations, with variable starting conditions/differing universal constants. N.E.N.T. models evolutionary processes as layers of networked spaces, with each layer or “level of reality” being completely dependent on structures and processes of all underlying layers for its existence. A network space emerges when an agent-level mutation results in a novel interaction class that facilitates a new level of information encoding and node type. Agents are considered to be nodes (irreducible, encoded structures, individuals) or supernodes (reducible, nonencoded structures, groups). In the Milky Way/Sol/Earth locality, nested networks or “levels of reality” could be classified according to the following table:

Network Level Encoding Mutation Node type Supernode types
Space-time Superinflation Particle-wave Plasma density variations
Atomic Big Bang cooling Element Stars, gaseous clouds, galaxies
Molecular Covalent bonds Molecule Planets, solar systems
Biological Nucleotide sequences Prokaryote Crude ecologies, atmospheres
Somatic Tissue specialization Plant, animal Ecosystems
Social Neocortex Social animal Tribes, kin groups, cliques, territorial ecosystems
Memetic Speech/song/poem Person Villages, towns, kingdoms, nomadic groups, farmed or managed vs. wild ecosystems, animal/slave economies
Symbolic Symbol systems/writing Literate citizen Nations, governments, institutions, religions, managed ecoregions, specialization economies
Media Printing/broadcast/analog replication World citizen Global culture groups, organizations, corporations, superpowers, mass production economies, protected vs. exploited ecoregions
Programmatic Programmable systems/digital replication Augmented citizen Accelerated culture groups, networked data-reservoirs, automated economies, engineered ecoregions, game worlds/simulations, satellite systems
Gensynth Genetic manipulation, synthesized lifeforms Enhanced citizen Intentional biology and evolution, engineered climate, sustainable energy and food systems, space stations
Mindsynth Quantum neural nets, replicable intelligence Autonomous entity Human/machine hybrid societies, emergent/evolving simulated realities, engineered solar system, off-world colonies
Metamind Naked singularities (networked minds, negative mass warp drives) Multi-mind entity Interstellar societies, terraformed worlds
Warp Anti-matter control, wormhole networks Maker entity Galactic societies, engineered stars, fabricated worlds
Galactic ? ? Intergalactic networks

NENT compared to other civilization/evolution classifications:

NENT Kardashev Scale Iain Banks “Culture” Series HALO Tech Advancement Kurzweil Epochs Traveller
Space-time Epoch 1: Physics
Atomic Epoch 1: Chemistry
Biological Epoch 2: Biology and DNA
Social Epoch 3: Brains TL 0 (Stone Age)
Memetic Level 0 TL 1-2 (Bronze, Iron Ages)
Symbolic Level 1 Tier 7: Pre-industrial TL 3 (Renaissance)
Media Type 0 Level 2 Tier 6: Industrial Epoch 4: Technology TL 4-7 (Industrial)
Programmatic Level 3 Tier 5: Atomic Age TL 8-9 (Solid State Electronics, Internet)
Gensynth Level 4 Tier 4: Space Age TL 10 (Genetic engineering)
Mindsynth Level 5 Tier 3: Space-Faring Epoch 5: Tech-Intelligence Merger TL 11 (Cybernetic human)
Metamind Type 1 Level 6 Tier 2: Interstellar Epoch 6: Superintelligence TL 12-13 (Interstellar)
Warp Type 2 Level 7 Tier 1: World Builders TL 14-15 (Advanced Interstellar)
Galactic Type 3 Level 8 (The Culture) Tier 0: Transsentient TL 16-17
Level 9 (Sublimed)
TL 18-19

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