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My Own Life System

I started writing this blog in order to share some of my personal experiences in terms of overcoming health issues, living more consciously and intentionally, fostering mental well-being, considering solutions to some of the problems that we collectively face as a species, and other topics that could fit under the umbrella of “living well.” Since I have a systems mindset, I’ve tried to organize my thoughts into a coherent system.

Everything I share on this site is in the spirit of “take it or leave it.” What works for me may not work for you. I’m presenting my “total system” but I don’t expect it to be a total system for anybody else — more like a resource from which the reader might take bits and pieces. Ultimately, everyone has to find their own principles and “how to live” philosophy via direct experience (and trial and error), not from reading a book or a blog, or by following another person’s system (for more on that idea read Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha).

On the other hand, I find it both fascinating and helpful to learn about other systems for living (from the pedestrian and pragmatic, like David Allen’s Getting Things Done, to the anti-guru spiritual philosophies of U.G. Krishnamurti). So I’m sharing my own ideas and systems in the spirit of openness/open source.

I use the word metaprogramming (borrowed from John C. Lilly) to describe this kind of self-programming/self-creation/conscious-change. In other words, I try to define the principles, values, and behavioral guidelines that I want to live by, and then do my best to meet those standards in my day to day life. I often fall short of my own ideals in one way or another, but I choose to frame my day-to-day shortcomings as “always striving” (rather than hypocrisy — for more on that distinction read Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age).

My Own Life System in Outline Form

To keep things simple, I use what I call “Prime Directives” to guide decision making and conscious-awareness:


To get into more detail, here is my complete “System for Living Well” in outline form. In my personal notes I have more detail in each category, much of which I’ll eventually share via this blog or in other formats. I’ve linked to a few relevant posts.

I. Personal Systems

A. Consciousness System — Cultivate Quality of Consciousness

1. Open heart/choose love

2. Self-empowerment (Mind On Fire)

3. Self-awareness/focus (Mind Like Water)

B. Meaning System — Create a Meaningful Life

1. Live purposefully

2. Invest in relationships

3. Prioritize experiences

C. Progress System — Keep Getting Better

1. Improve skills, knowledgehabits, and systems

2. Create and fulfill a life vision

3. Improve working relationships, connections, and reputation

D.  Health System — Engineer Vitality

1. Clean fuel

2. Stimulation (including exercise, social, acute stress, novelty, etc.)

3. Rest, recovery, and prevention

II. Social Systems *

A. Education Engine — Empower Teachers and Students

1. Universal access to high-quality education and the entire universe of accumulated knowledge

2. Empirically-tested teaching methods, social and financial support for teachers

3. Ideal of the empowered citizen

B. Economic System — Create Real Wealth and Enrich the Commons

1. Environmental stewardship

2. Ethical society

3. Real wealth creation

C. Progress System — Expand Mental and Physical Frontiers

1. Human/post-human settlements in solar system and beyond

2. Research and development for the common good

3. Culture of Progress

* I consider myself a “science-fictionalist” in that the brightest aspects of our future are often imagined into existence. I’m in favor of diverse, empirically-driven “messy utopias” that allow for great personal freedom for citizens and many possible solutions to existing problems.


  1. a lot of info in the words between all these slashes. tough to do it all. but we try! looking forward to perusing ur blog!

  2. beep beep …connection = yes. (what a pleasure to find your site, way to go man, good luck with everything your into, Im super excited to see how it goes) …end transmission.

    (N3RD5 L1K3 U5)

  3. Carrie

    I have never been part of a “blog”, “tweet” (I removed myself from Facebook when I found myself arguing with ignorant homophobes during Washinton state equal marriage fight). My attraction to your thoughts started last night, when I decided my chronic cough (seasonal “asthma”) was unacceptable (and the prescriptions that are supposed to help). I do know that I’m unhealthy, eat crappy when stressed out, don’t move enough and take care of everyone (mom, husband, kids, dog, coworkers) but myself.
    First morning without wheat, meditated 10 min. And took some D and Fish oil…there has got to be a better solution than steroids! Thanks for stimulating my brain!

  4. Debra Mulyca

    Committed to good health

  5. Margaret

    Hello J.D.! I am an active practitioner and avid promoter to wellness. I appreciate your blog and find many philosophies that may be helpful to incorporate to my own wellness. Because I am a huge techie, I am absolutely drawn to your sight for its technical innuendo. Thank you!

  6. sandeep

    sir i need your help.can you please tell your email.or any other way to connect. thanks alot

  7. Josephine

    Dear J.D,

    I wanted to thank you for the information you are sharing. I have suffered from allergies all my life and most recently diagnosed with asthma. I came to your site initially to research your information on these topics. However, the additional articles that I read also resonate with my own personal beliefs. I look forward to reading more. Great blog!

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